Monday, June 24, 2019

Gen Con Indy: A Final Decision, unless...


There have been many good changes in my life over the past 2 years since the last GenCon, and with these changes have come a number of decisions I have had to make. It has been hard to make them but I am not just comfortable with them but excited to try a bundel fo new things in my life. With that, I wanted to take a minute and share one of the biggest things with you all, as you have been with me on this journey to make HiBRID a reality.

The biggest decision that I wanted to share with you all is that this will be my last foreseeable GenCon in Indianapolis. While the experiences over the years have been great, it has become too much: too busy enjoy the demonstration floor, too crowded to move or breathe, too difficult to find parking and housing. If the convention gets back to a reasonable size. or my experience this year is much better than that of 2017, I may change my mind, but given that attendance continues to rise, I am not optimistic and do not want to raise anyone's hopes. My joy over the years was once having people play my game but now comes from seeing familiar faces of those who come to play year after year, seeing the younger players grow up, seeing the players get married, meeting extended families brought into the HiBRiD fold and playing together...those are the experiences that move me and bring tears of happness to my eyes as I look back over the years; those are what give all the work I have put in over the years value. The joy it has given me to make people happy and share their lives with me has given me joy, and I just want to thank everyone. I have to say I am a bit teary just thinking about it.

As for the future, instead of GenCon, I will be attending Origins in Columbus Ohio. I have embarked on a new career, one that has me working part time in Akron Ohio and at the same time given me more time with my family and more time to work on and finish the game.I have spent a lot of time in Ohio the last few years, in Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus. I am comfortable with driving to Ohio as well as flying there, and the city of Columbus is great with its smaller size, friendly people, the beauty of the Ohio River Valley, and Cincinnati-style Chili dogs-it has me excited to explore it more! From the convention standpoint, Origin's smaller size, tighter focus on gaming and novel games in general (which seems to have been lost a bit by GenCon in its desire to draw bigger crowds), and its larger number of available hotels, have convinced me to give it a try. I am looking forward to trying out its registration process and enjoying the experience as a convention goer, comparing it to both GenCon Indy and GenCon when it was still in Milwaukee. 

I will miss all of my GenCon friends (and understand what a trek it is to drive to Columbus so would never expect them to come with me), but at the same time, in the HiBRiD spirit, I look forward to making new friends and introducing the HiBRiD spirit and the Canyonside characters to a new convention in a new local area. I know my games will not sell out in hours, maybe they won't sell out at all..heck, maybe no one will even come. But I am trying all sorts of new things in my career, and am excited to start a new adventure with HiBRID as well!

For those of you who have been with me over the years and would like to continue to follow me, our Origins games, and the game system in general as it moves towards publication, you will still be able to join me either on Instagram (@hujraadjohaansen) or on our Ite' Gaming Engine Facebook page, or email me at 

Also, finally, I leave you with one last note: there are a number of smaller conventions up in Lake Geneva and Milwaukee, and on the even years, once the HiBRiD Spielbook is complete, I currently plan on attending one of the them, as a tribute to my years going to pre-Indy GenCon. Though I am unsure yet which one it will be (Suggestions are always welcome), I will keep you all posted as this develops right here on this blog page.

Until then, keep throwing dice, keep making things hapen, and I look forward to seeing you at the gaming table. If you ever find yourself in Mokena, IL, or anywhere close to that neck of the woods, give me a holler...who knows, maybe we can throw a game together and we can sling dice and stories together again one more time!!

Until then, may your Ite' flow wildly!!

Monday, December 24, 2018

HiBRID Stats: Model 800 T-101 Terminator

The Model 101 is a cybernetic organism created by the Denton AI. Its primary purpose is the eradication of humans in any number of timelines when deemed necessary. The seeming inefficiency of developing a cybernetic organism rather than a pure robot stems from the need to infiltrate human societies to avoid destruction by the local inhabitants and the need to be able to use the time-displacement equipment. For some reason, injecting metals into the past in and of themselves will cause a failed translation. The Denton AI has calculated the maximum number of metallic atoms that can be present as well as the ratio of metallic atoms to the nonmetallic atoms in order to be able to translate an organism into the past. The T-101 represents the result of this calculation.  

Each T-101 is specifically designed to adapt to its surroundings and blend in to get close enough to its targets to "zero” and then eliminate them. In order to fulfill its function, it has a complete database of how to operate every vehicle and weapon existent in the timeline, speak every spoken language, and the ability to mimic any voice it hears. It also has a socially adaptive intelligence that allows it to quickly adapt to local customs and languages and use social cues to act more human. 

The T-101 possesses a metal alloy endoskeleton with memory-retaining properties that is coated by a substance that enables human tissues to be grown onto it. The heavily armored chest cavity contains a highly stable hydronium fuel cell that fuels the micro-processing units contained within the skull. When damaged, its endoskeleton heals itself automatically due to the innate memory properties of its molecular structure, however, it takes a few seconds to do so. 

The human tissues grown onto a T-101 are genetically human and all possess the same DNA nucleotide sequence. Analysis of the sequence will also reveal that all genes coding for structural proteins for the bones, heart, and brain have been engineered to code for the immune system to protect the flesh since the skeleton does not perform this function. Because of this setup, a T-101 does not feel “pain” but rather knows when it has received “damage’. The tissue does heal in the same manner as a human, however is not necessary for its function and is considered a secondary system for infiltration and temporal translation purposes. In order to heal its organic tissues, the micro-processors that control its functions must expend energy and computational power to do so to activate the immune system. As a result, the organic tissue healing functions may be put on hold if the unit needs those resources for something more urgent. If the tissue is completely burned away or cut off, however, the microprocessors have no mechanism for repair.
STR +10 (U) 
RFLX +0 
RSIL +10 
INTL +2 
WILL +0 
PERC +2 

Action Load: 100kg  
Action Move: 20m 
Action Range: 12m 
ARMV: 25 ballistic, melee 

Social                         +12 
Firearms                   +10 
Operate Vehicle      +12 

Presence (Tactless A--hole) 
Mimic Human Voice

Friday, December 14, 2018

HiBRiD Stats: Alien Xenomorph: Standard and Badass

Xenomorph, Badass (450-500 cm, 1000 kg (Scale 2)

(w/egg sack/ovipositor: 12 m, 10,000 kg (Scale 3)

Badass xenomorphs are the queens of xenomorph hives. They sport 6 fingers, a huge armored crown, more spike-like dorsal crests, and an additional pair of arms than a standard xenomorph, and these features in addition to their larger size readily make them recognizable from other standard xenomorphs by their size and appearance, though they do share the standard xenomorph coloration. They are most often found attached to their ovipositor surrounded by 2-10 praetorian guard variants who exist solely to protect her.

Badass Xenomorphs have the beginnings of creative intelligence and sentience. Unlike standard xenomorphs, they show a desire beyond survival to that of their eggs and telepathically coordinate the daily activities of a hive from kilometers away. While they will sacrifice themselves and as many standard xenomorphs as possible if necessary to protect a brood of eggs, they exhibit vengefulness and will turn all their cunning and abilities to hunting down those responsible and destroying them before starting another brood again.

STR          +10 (Scale 2)
RSIL         +10
RFLX        +5
INTL         +2
WILL        +3
PERC        +6

Action Move: 20 m (crawl, swim, climb)
Action Load: 200 kg
Action Range: 16 m (human, infrared, ultraviolet, low-light, pheromones)

PHYS:      100 x Heroic Factor
ARMV:    25 Ballistic, Melee, Heat, Radiation

Tactics/Strategy                  +9                                           
Double Bite                         +14          3d10 (15)
Claws                                  +11          6d10 (30)
Spit Acid                             +11          3d10 (15)                Also used to escape, causes splash damage in melee range
Barbed Spike tail                 +14          6d10 (30)                Ballistic   6m range
Rush (Green Variant)         +11          3d10 (15)                 x # moves when balled up
Origin Traits
Immunity: Mineral acids
Languages: telepathic hive mind with all xenomorphs within 10 km, pheromones locally, screeches, clicks, and body sign language

Xenomorph, Standard (210 -250 cm, 140-185kg )

Standard xenomorphs have a vertebrate-like body, a protective exoskeleton, a long flexible tail, an elongated domed head, with nearly invisible eyes near the mouth, and a toothed maw hiding a proboscis-like inner mouth similar to that of a moray eel. Because they take on general form of the host creature in which they gestate within, they can be 2 or 4 legged. Standard xenomorphs are black, but there are several documented variants who differ slightly in appearance and size through pheromone treatment by the queen and have slightly different physical abilities compared to standard xenomorphs. Each variant possesses the same stats as a standard xenomorph except for where noted in parenthesis below.

Known Variants

Dark blue: Ultrahard carapace
Dark green: Unique joints enabling the creature to roll into a ball
Dark violet: Jumping-spider arachnoid abilities
Praetorian: Larger in size (Scale 2, 350cm, 550kg)

STR          +10 (U)
RSIL         +6
RFLX        +6
INTL         +2 Reactive/adaptive, not inventive, tactics/strategy
WILL        +3
PERC        +6

Action Move: 25 m (crawl, swim, climb)
Action Load: 200 kg
Action Range: 16 m (human, infrared, ultraviolet, low-light, pheromones)

PHYS:      15 x Heroic Factor
ARMV:    10 Ballistic, Melee, Radiation (20 if Blue Variant)

Tactics/Strategy                     +7           
Enclosed Space Athletics        +11                                                                                         
Stealth                                    +11
Barbed Spike tail                    +14          6d10 (30)                 Ballistic   6m range
                Double Bite                             +14          3d6 (9)
                Claws                                       +11          6d6 (18)
                Spit Acid                                  +11          3d10 (15) also used to escape, causes splash damage in melee range
                Rush (Green Variant)              +11          3d10 (15) x # moves when balled up

Origin Traits
Immunity: Mineral acids
Fear: Fire
Languages: telepathic hive mind with queen within 10 km, pheromones between one another

Wire Fu Grade 3 (Violet Variant)

Monday, December 3, 2018

HiBRiD Stats: Alien Xenomorph: General Description and Xenomorph, Annoying

In light of the fact that I have been watching action movies with Odin Johaansen and getting ready for GenCon 2109, I have been inspired to stat out the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. For your enjoyment, I present them here.


Originally created as a biological weapon, xenomorphs have expanded throughout the universe to adapt to any planet housing advanced carbon-based life forms. While carbon-based lifeforms themselves, they are extremely resistant to heat, cold, radiation, and vacuum environments by a silicate-based exoskeleton. They have acid for blood, superhuman reflexes and strength, and move extremely quickly and silently in most environments, making them formidable threats to all species they encounter, whom they consider only as either threat, food, or hosts for their young.

Xenomorphs possess an array of senses with sensitivities and ranges well beyond those exhibited by humans. Upon hatching, they only possess hearing, infrared, and pheromone sensing capabilities but upon maturing, they gain other perceptive abilities as well. Their perception organs are housed beneath their elongated carapace on their heads, thus preventing them from becoming a point of vulnerability to an opponent. This carapace also acts as a natural flash compensator and receiver for telepathic messages or commands given by their queen.

Adult xenomorphs possess a reactive and adaptive intelligence rather than an inventive one. This means that while xenomorphs do not have a technology of their own, their observational learning abilities enable them to learn to use tools, assess the physical properties of matter and their environment around them, and use advanced tactics and strategy in combat when countering threats or seeking prey or hosts. This lack of sentience and ability to create their own technology has not prevented them from interstellar travel, as they have learned to hitch rides on the crafts of other species or infect others with their embryos without the infected host’s knowledge.

Xenomorphs form a hive like-civilization not unlike that exhibited by termites. Their hive will center on a queen who is surrounded by any number of guards. The purposes of each xenomorph in their society is very strictly defined. Annoying xenomorphs serve to create embryos in living organisms. Standard xenomorphs live to maintain the hive, defend it from intruders, and serve the queen in any way possible even giving their lives without regard if so commanded. Badass xenomorphs serve to lay eggs and guide all activities of the hive.

Xenomorph, Annoying (100 cm with tail (50 cm body), 5-10 kg

Annoying xenomorphs are any such creatures in the larval stage that can threaten the lives of heroes. They cannot communicate, do not strategize, and only react to the environment enough to accomplish their biological need, depending on the variant.

Known Variants

The two most common variants are the annoying facehugger and the equally annoying chestburster.

Facehugger: The facehugger implants a kernel of preprogrammed cellular material down its target’s throat via a sting after attaching itself to the target’s face and cutting off circulation with its strong prehensile constricting tail, releasing a combination toxin with immunosuppressant, sedative, anaesthetic, and psychotropic effects while doing so. Upon successful implantation, the facehugger dies, and the kernel of genetic material then incorporates DNA from the host into its own DNA nucleus, allowing for rapid gestation times of 1 to 10 hours. After gestation, the new annoying creature begins to bite through its host in the form of a chesburster

Chestburster: Upon breaking though the chest of its host, it bursts forth and runs away to hide so that it can grow unmolested. The annoying chestburster grows rapidly through a series of hourly moltings. Each molting results in an increase in height by 30 cm/hour, with legs forming after the first molting, and the secreted exoskeleton hardens by 2 points of ArmV per hour until it reaches the stats of a standard xenomorph. 

STR          +6
RSIL         0
RFLX        +5
INTL         -5
WILL        0
PERC        +5

Action Move: 15 m (crawl, swim)
Action Load: 0 kg
Action Range: 10 m (infrared, sound, pheromones) (Add human senses if Chestburster Variant,)

PHYS:     10
ARMV:     5


Stealth                                  +5
Pounce/Charge                      +5    Afterward, may grapple or sting
Grapple                                 +11  Afterward, will sting or bite
Sting (Facehugger Variant)     +5    Poison (Incapacitating/anesthetizing-dies after depositing embryo)
Bite  (Chestbruster Variant)    +5    3d6 (9) when opponent at 0 PHYS, bursts out and runs away to hide

Origin Traits
Immunity: Mineral acids
Fear: Fire

Gen Con Indy: A Final Decision, unless...

All: There have been many good changes in my life over the past 2 years since the last GenCon, and with these changes have come a number ...